How to Decide on a Hosting Package

The size of your website along with features such as email accounts should determine the correct hosting package for you.  Here are some of the things you should consider:

how to decide on a hosting packageDisk Space is the amount of space the web hosting server will allocate for your website. If you have a small website and just a few pages and photos, you can purchase a smaller package.

Bandwidth is the amount of traffic, uploads and downloads to your website. It is allocated on a monthly basis, but can be adjusted when needed. The amount of traffic you get can help you in selecting the correct bandwidth package.  If you expect a lot of traffic to your website you will need more than a starter package.

Server Uptime  refers to the amount of time the servers on which your website is hosted remain functioning without outages. Any hosting company that has at least 97% uptime guarantee for three consecutive months is considered good. No company can guarantee 100% uptime because a lot of problems, both natural and human error, can happen that can cause the servers to fail. No matter what the size of your website, it’s important to purchase a web hosting solution that offers at least a 97% guaranteed uptime.

  • The Starter package is best if you have a small website or if just want to host your domain email.
  • The Econo Package can host a small WordPress website and email for most small to medium sized businesses.
  • The Standard package is for larger websites that get more traffic.
  • The Pro Package is for larger websites and website that generate a lot of traffic.