NEVER register a domain and host with the same company

It is not recommended to have your domain and hosting at the same place.  The reason is that it gives the hosting company too much control over your website.

Let’s say you were to be accused of spamming, or have hackers install a malicious script on your site, and the Hosting company suspends your account. If the relationship with your Web hosting company goes sour and your domain name is registered somewhere else, all you need to do to re-establish your website is to purchase hosting with a new company, copy your site over, and point your domain name registration to your site’s new location.

If your Web host is also your domain name registrar, you would need to transfer the registration, as well, probably for an additional fee. And worse yet, if the hosting company decides it really doesn’t like you and it controls your domain name registration, it may decide to cancel the registration altogether.

Hosting your website at a domain registrar is like ordering chicken at a seafood restaurant.

Sure, it’s on the menu, and they’ll happily take your money and serve it to you, but it’s not what they’re known for, and there’s a reason for that.  They’re just not very good at it.